About Daniel E Bourque
Hello, welcome to the Biblical Spotlight. Author would like to invite you with;
 'What A Ride'
Usually everybody establishes where he's going first, then plans on how he intends on getting there. That had been my direction as well. Until that is, when I chose to take on this challenge. But this quest was not planned in advance. It was attempted purely on fate.

Let me put it to you this way. You’ve been told by others and even books proclaim that this is a wonderful hill. But they all go down together on the safe route. So picture yourself standing on this same big forested wintery hill, but off the beaten path and looking down with a flying saucer in your hand, groping with the idea of sliding down on this thing that has no steering mechanism. You won’t know what you’re going to run into until you get there, because you only get one perspective from up here. Dips, bends, curves and rocks are not all visible from where you’re standing. There’s only one way to find out. Do the ride. But should you decide to go for it, you had best be alert because there’s no stopping this thing.

So I went ahead. I ran to the edge of the summit and jumped on. Never had I needed to look in so many directions in all my life. Oh sure I got beat up! I must have hit almost every hidden shrub, unforeseen rocks under the snow, drop downs, a rash of alders and low branches from big trees all the way down. When I finally came to a stop at the bottom, I got off, stood up and looked back up the hill and said to myself, “I made it!!”

I saw and felt that hill firsthand, the way it really is, the hard way. Sure there were bumps and dips, but there were also some areas just breathtaking that’s never been described before. That hill won’t ever quite feel the same way again. I will never regret taking that ride! As a matter of fact, I’ve taken quite a few more rides like that since.